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Quality Instruments

Our quality selection offers the perfect start to a school band, garage band, or professional band life. Find a wide selection of everything you need when you visit Tempo Music.

A Wide Array of Choices

Create those perfect musical sounds with our help today. Choose from our array of brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and string instruments that work together for a  perfect concerto.

Financing Available

Buy your favorite instrument today with our financing program. No credit? No problem. We understand how important music is to you and make sure credit checks aren't necessary to enjoy a musical life.

What You'll Find With Us




Create the sounds you've been dreaming of with our help.


Get a FREE music lesson with an instrument purchase.

Enjoy a life of music when you walk through our doors.

Find the right instruments to make your band a success.

Ready to get start your own group or continue a successful one? Tempo Music has got you covered every day with our wide range of instruments and accessories that will take your band to new heights. Choose from our wide selection of quality instruments and accessories such as strings, brass, wind, and percussion.

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